Bushwakka Sundowner – Fully Optioned Off Road Camper




The Sundowner II sleeper 4×4 Off-Road Caravan fills a gap in the trailer market. It is a caravan-type off-road trailer designed to be easily set up by two people. Adding the awning tent changes it to a awesome family option.

Adventurous families want a trailer which can be set up in just minutes and sleeping facilities that are easily accessible. This is the off-road trailer for you, and, of course, the Sundowner trailer subscribes to Bushwakka’s 1lightest, toughest and best ethos.

With the use of a 30second tent that connects to the awning this is converted to a fantastic family option camper

The Sundowner II sleeper 4×4 Off-Road Caravan is a trailer which comes standard with a CR12 stainless-steel chassis, heavy-duty leaf springs, Safari gas shocks and a stainless-steel and aluminium body.

As tough as it is, the Sundowner has a softer caravan feel to its interior. An integral part of the Bushwakka ethos is their focus on the client as an individual. As Jaco Putter, Bushwakka’s production manager, stated: ‘We are not in the business of mass-producing trailers’.. The Bushwakka team members pride themselves on their focus on the individual. So, while keeping to the base concept Bushwakka will always go the extra mile to help satisfy the client’s unique requirements.

Remarkable quick and simple set up time.

  • Sleeps 2 persons inside comfortably with the kids outside
  • Spacious interior living space
  • Large easily accessible kitchen, well equipped for up to 4 persons
  • Easy Set-up Bush-Fan Canopy.


Solar panel and battery system


Hot Water System for Shower and kitchen wash up

All Crockery for the kitchen


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