Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

– Light weight! Just 9.25kg!
– Winch blanket
– 12T Tree trunk protector
– 20m winch extension rope
– 15T snatch rope
– 1x 13T soft shackle
– 2x 16T soft shackle
– 12oz canvas carry bag


Our new Heavy Duty recovery kit bundles all our great gear into one easy to use kit! Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

The Heavy Duty kit is suited towards larger vehicles of 3.5T+ or vehicles that regularly tow camper trailers / caravans.

Winch Blanket – essential for any safe recovery, to ensure that in the event of a failed rope or recovery point, the momentum of the force is stopped as quickly as possible, preventing injury and vehicle damage.

12T tree trunk protector – a must have when out bush! wrap it around a tree, rock or another vehicles bar-work to create a safe anchor point to winch from. Using a wide tree trunk protector will ensure that minimal damage is done to the anchor point.

20m winch extension rope – you don’t know you need one til you need one! Finding the right tree to winch from can be tricky especially in steep scrubby terrain, the last thing you want to do is winch from an unstable tree just because you cant reach a better one! The 20m extension rope gives you the extra length and peace of mind so you don’t be caught out in a sticky spot without enough rope to get you to safety! An essential in any good winch kit.

15T snatch rope – this one will cover all your snatch recoveries! On the beach, deep mud, steep hills, this rope will do it all! The extreme stretch and elasticity of the snatch rope utilises kinetic forces to make recovery a lot easier and safer for both vehicles. Extra stretch in the rope allows for a much faster pull without shock loading either vehicle! Less strain, more pulling power!

Soft shackles (13T & 15T) – easy to use, light weight, float on water, super safe; as good as it gets! Soft shackles have grown in popularity immensely in the past few years, and it’s no accident! There is huge weight to be saved in switching from old school D shackles to soft shackles, and the added safety is unbeatable. In the event of a breakage somewhere in the recovery, a soft shackle will do significantly less damage than a D shackle if it were to hit something. They are also much quicker to loop and un-loop, which is important when time is of the essence!

12oz canvas bag – super solid, double carry handles, clear top and extra room inside to add your own bits and pieces to the kit! Gloves, a winch ring or rope splicing tool are some handy add ons.


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