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Is the EcoExtreme 2 waterproof & can the EcoExtreme 2 be used in water?

YES. The EcoExtreme 2 meets the IPX7 waterproof standard. The EcoExtreme 2 can be used in the pool, the hot tub and the ocean without issues. Batten down the hatches and play your tunes worry free! Plus, the EcoExtreme 2 floats! (Be careful, the waterproof compartment must be closed properly to keep the EcoExtreme 2 watertight.)

What is IPX7?

The IPX7 Waterproof standard means that the product is protected against water immersion. ECOXGEAR tests all their products by submerging them in AT LEAST 3 feet of water. This means that our products, including the EcoExtreme 2 can withstand use in the water. Be careful of other products that claim to be waterproof but are only IPX5 or less. They will leak and sink to the bottom of the pool under the fun conditions above.

Does the EcoExtreme 2 work with any Bluetooth enabled Device?

The EcoExtreme 2 waterproof speaker connects to any device that uses Bluetooth connectivity for audio. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones are all compatible! All Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices are sure to be compatible.

How far can the EcoExtreme 2 be away from my Bluetooth device?

The connectivity for the EcoExtreme 2 is designed and tested to far exceed 30 feet (up to 100ft) from your Bluetooth device. Walls, leaded glass windows and metal studs inside the drywall will affect the range operation.

The sound is distorted, how can it be improved?

Try lowering the volume control of your connected device or musical instrument. Also, try to reduce the overall volume of the EcoExtreme 2.

The EcoExtreme 2 will not pair With Bluetooth Device?

Make sure that your device is compatible with Bluetooth. Turn off your EcoExtreme 2 and Bluetooth device, then power on and reconnect. Make sure that Bluetooth mode is selected on your EcoEdge+.

Volume level is low when playing, how do I make it louder?

First, increase the volume on your device to maximum. Next increase the volume on the EcoExtreme 2 by pressing the Volume + button. If increasing the volume on the EcoExtreme 2 and / or increasing the volume on your Bluetooth device does not work, the EcoExtreme 2 may be in Power Save Mode.