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The Drifta Stockton LED light strips are the perfect way to custom make a camp light setup to suit your needs!

3 different sizes – Our lights come in 380mm, 590mm and 900mm. All lights include the same awesome features!

  • 900mm – 1.5A
  • 590mm – 1.0A
  • 380mm – 0.6A

White / Amber lights – All lights include 2 different colour modes, white and amber! Both can be switched on/off individually, or at the same time. The amber mode is used to attract less bugs around camp, which has been tested and proven!

Water and Dust proof – Every part of the LED light strips are fully weather sealed. All light and accessory plugs include a rubber O-ring and screw tight fitting, ensuring that a positive connection is always made! The on/off buttons on the front face of the LED strips are also sealed, making this unit 100% bush proof!

Mounting options – All lights come with mounting tabs on each end to screw / rivet them to a surface. They also include a strong magnet in the back side, making them super universal for mounting just about anywhere!

Accessories – There is a HUGE range of accessories that can be added to these lights to create your ultimate setup!

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380mm, 590mm, 900mm


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