ST3K 41.5 inch 40 LED Slim LED Light Bar




The Definition Of Calibre

Our STEDI ST3K LED Light is was designed to bring a large amount of light to a small amount of space. With a total height of just 63mm (with the side brackets attached), you will find the ST3K is able to be mounted on your front bar or grill, whilst maintaining the factory look of your vehicle.

Timeless Design.

The ST3K 41.5 Inch LED Light Bar utilizes the Pure Drive technology (of Type-X and ST4K fame), to deliver a powerful punch. The ST3K 41.5 Inch LED Light Bar can also be mounted in tight spaces, allowing it to suit a wide and unexpected range of vehicles.



Brilliance Is The Name Of The Game.

The ST3K range is easily comparable to the STEDI Type-X and ST4k range. With a strong penetrating beam of 493m at 1 LUX and 55m out to the shoulders of the road (with flood beam), the ST3K 41.5 is the perfect all-rounder!

The nitty


ST3K-40L features 40 of OSRAM’s® finest OSLON® LED, selected for unrivalled efficiency.

8 Flood + 24 Spot + 8 Flood reflector distribution forms a remarkable beam that pushes the wide beam out at 50° and spot beam at 5.8° all the way to staggering 1 lux @ 699m

True White 5700K Colour temperature offers stunning clarity and definition.

Our Pure-Drive™ circuit design allows 97% of input power to go directly to LEDs.


Finished in 100% Polyester UV and abrasion resistant powder coat ensures that our bars will never discolour.

Pressure Equalization vent | Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.

IP68 | Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 3 meters!

Environmentally sealed Deutsch DT-2 connector.

Protected against EMC and RFI.

Includes our Easy-Fit High Beam Plug and Play Wiring Harness which includes H4 and HB3 Adapters making for an easy connection to high beam. Unlike the copycat harnesses on the market, ours has built-in electronics making our harness compatible with even the most modern and sophisticated wiring systems

Backed by a 5 Year Replacement Warranty.Click here to find your vehicle-compatible Piggyback Adapter.

Tech Specs

LED 40 x Osram Oslon White
Effective Lumen 8,250Lm
Peak Intensity (Candela) 486,400cd
Operating Voltage 10-30V DC
IP Rating IP68
Current Draw 8.6A @ 13.6v
Colour Temperature (CCT) 5700 Kelvin
Housing Material Aluminium Extrusion & Cast
Lens GE™ Lexan
Mounting Bracket Powder Coated 3mm Stainless Steel
Bolts and FIttings 3 Series Stainless Steel
Beam Type Flood Spot Combo
Life Span 50,000 Hours
Weight 3.475kg
Operating Environment -40 – +50° Celsius
10 M 4,886 Lx
50 M 195 Lx
100 M 46 Lx
200 M 11.5 Lx
699 M 1 Lx


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